Friday, September 5, 2008

Operating System

Hi guys,

Well, I heard the Ms Windows guys are giving away their Windows Vista dvds for free. Well I don't think many people would take it even for free. Despite all promises from the Big Guy about improvements in the service pack 1. We fail to see anything. It is a big flop but what can we do, its the future.

Some people think Linux is the answer, Mac still wants a piece but we should not forget the BSD. PC-BSD was bought and is going to be transformed from a boring security oriented operating system to the challenging new desktop environment. Hope the best. I am totally bored and sick of using the Linux.

But still, if you are remotely interested in Linux. I can help. I have cds and dvds of many distributions of GNU/linux.
And a little know how on how to use them.

Choose openSuSe or Mandriva if you know nothing about linux. openSuSe 11 is a great distribution but it is slightly slower than it was before. :(
Mandriva is the best you can get, simple and easy to use. Mandriva Control Center (mcc) rocks the linux world, though not as good as openSuSe's yast, it is powerful and easy to use.

Most people have trouble using net in linux. If you can get your net working in linux, you will love it.
Mandriva and openSuSe both have good number of applications that you may need. Starting from pidgin messenger to pdfedit.

Though jokingly Linus Torvalds goes around calling the BSD guys Monkeys, you should try the PC-BSD, its way better than Linux, more stable and it has the double click and install option just like Ms Windows.

Do whatever, don't use Mac. It's a beautiful system. But you will never learn anything about the computer. It has so much of abstraction that most Mac users don't know where the terminal/console/X11 (Mac version of cmd) is. At least the Windows guys know what the cmd does.

** Nokia is sick. Just because Motorola was using qt for its linux based mobile phones, Nokia went and bought Trolltech, the company that owned qt.

We all know linux is just the kernel. Is there a need to say GNU/Linux operating system? I don't think so.

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  1. The information u provided here i never heard off great information hope u will maintain the same ..


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  3. What I want to say is.....

    Mac OS X is based on FreeBSD. (Darwin).

    It is certified as UNIX.
    The kernel part of the OS is BSD. But Apple developed its own frameworks like cocoa (aqua, graphite(usually named for themes/colors ).....) which are proprietary. This makes the difference.

    What makes OS X the best Desktop OS in the world is its ease of use and the elegance that comes along.

    Mac is a beautiful beast. You can do everything on a mac that you CAN do on a *nix system. But you DON'T NEED TO. You don't need to open terminal and type/edit something to get dual display work on a mac.
    A mac even comes with Apache HTTP server preinstalled (why would one use it on a laptop at all!!!).

    Coming to BSD/Linux, Only a few look at the kernel part. Many look at the GNU/OSS software bundled with them (unless he kernel is unstable). So, it matters same if you are using things other than Mac or windows. Open source rocks.

    Once any user gets used to installing from repos/ from package mangers, the will start to hate installing by double-clicking