Monday, September 29, 2008

Firefox addons

Here is the list of firefox addons that I like:

1. firebug - Useful if you want to see or edit code of a site on the go. (good tool for hacking interested people)
2. pdf download - Provides an option to download the pdf instead of opening it in the browser
3. flash block - doesn't load flash objects like advertisements. You get a play button, only when you click on that, that flash is loaded. Its better for people with low speed and low bandwidth.
4. google gears - allows you to use google reader and google docs even in the offline mode
5. download them all - its a great downloader addon, provides good features and speed

Other extension that I read but haven't tried is Greasemonkey. I read that it has many useful scripts that make life easier.

1 comment:

  1. Web Developer is a good addon. It allows you to do many many many things.
    Also, a way to download pdf's without an addon is to go to preferences in Firefox, go to the Content tab, and click on the Manage file types button. Then choose to have Firefox download the file rather than open it with an external application.