Friday, August 17, 2012

Some pretty cool things

Read a few things after a long time.

1. Amazing 7 things I never knew I could do with bash. Read it here
2. Make you PC wake up automatically. Read it here
3. Packet Sniffing Basics. Read it here

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Deleting a fake facebook profile

What you need:
1. A color scanned copy of your passport showing your name, date of birth and photo. You can cover the passport number. Its better if the file is in jpg format. (Mandatory)

2. The link to the fake  profile. (Mandatory)

3. Screenshot of the profile. If you cannot see it, ask someone who can give it to you. (Optional)

Step 1:
Logout of your facebook account, if you have one. (If you are logged in, it asks you to report and block the profile but that doesn't seem to delete the profile.)

Step 2:
Log on to

Step 3:
To the question: "Do you have a facebook account?"
Click "No"

Step 4:
To the question: "What issue are you experiencing?"
Select "This person is pretending to be me or my friend"

Step 5:
To the question: "Is this account impersonating you?"
Select "Yes, I am the person being impersonated"

Step 6:
Provide the details like:
- Your Full Name (should be same as on your passport)
- Your contact email address
- Full name on the impostor profile (copy it from the info/about me from the profile)
- Email address listed on the impostor profile (if this is not visible, leave it blank)
- Link (URL) to the impostor profile (paste the link of the impostor account)
- Upload the color scanned copy of your passport.

Step 7:
Click "Send"

You will get a email from facebook. Reply to that email with the details present in the email like

Your name
Your address
Your phone number
Impostor accounts full name

Attach the screenshot of the impostor profile and your id proof.

Note: Its best if the screenshot and your id proof are in jpg format.

The mail reads that the account will be looked at in 72 hours. But I have noticed that the account gets deleted in less than 12 hours.

Once the account is disabled, you will receive a mail from facebook informing you about this.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Anand Movie Dialogues

Some of my favorite dialogues from Anand (1970) movie

Lekin kuch udaas laga
udasi khubsurat naho hoti hai babumosai
haan hoti hai magar tumhe toh hamesa haste dekha hai na, isliye
toh kya har khushi ke piche sirf khushi rehti hai babumosai, kabhi kabhi gum bhi toh

Anand aaj kuch bolte bolte ruk gaya.
Kehte kehte apna gum chupaliya usne.
Woh gum hi sayad uske jinda rehne ki sakti hai.
Warna yeh kaise mumkin hai, ki jiska sarir din badin kamjor ho raha hai, uske man ki sakti is tarah badhti jaa rahi hai.
Lekin uska gum kya hai, chahate huye bhi maine janne ki kosis nahi ki.
Agar wahi sakti hai uski, toh acha hai woh gum wahi uski dil ki gehrahiyon me chupa rahe.


Medical profession me ek woh mukam bhi aata hai jahan tamam ilaj khatm ho jaate hain aur doctor. Ko sirf marij ke khatm hone ka intejar karna padta hai. Is bebasi ko siwae ek doctor ke aur koi nahi jan sakta. Hey bhagwan, kitni bhayanak bebasi


Bas gine ginae kuch panne baaki hain anand ki jindagi ke, uske gine ginae kuch dino ki tarah.
Renu ne thik hi kaha tha ki ache logon ki bhagwan ko bhi utni hi jarurat rehti hai jitni hame.
Uske saamne kisi ki marji nahi chalti, haan kehte hain kabhi kabhi prarthana chalti hogi, aur is waqt main janta hun sab wahi kar rahe honge.
Lekin ant hum sab jante hain, hum sab dare sehme usika intejaar kar rahe hain
Kab. Kab. Kis waqt


Maut tu ek kavita hai
mujhase ek kavita ka vaadaa hai milegi mujhako
dubati nabzon mein jab dard ko neend aane lage
zard saa cheharaa liye chaand ufak tak pahunche
din abhi paani mein ho, raat kinaare ke kareeb
na abhi andheraa ho, na ujaalaa ho, na raat, na din
jism jab khatm ho aur ruuh ko saans aae
mujhase ek kavita ka vaadaa hai milegii mujhako


Jindaga aur maut uparwale ke hath hai jahapana, jise na aap badalsakte hai na mein. hum sab to rangmanch ki katputlia hai, jiski door uparwale ke haath bandhi hai kab kaun kaise uthega ye koi nahi janta

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Download Picasa Album

If your friend has shared pics on picasa or google plus and you want to download the complete album, follow the following steps:
1. Go to the album page
2. Right click in the middle
3. Click on "View Source"
4. Save the contents in a file named as a on the desktop
5. Open the terminal
6. Type in the following command
cat ~/Desktop/a | grep DSCN > b ; cat b | sed 's/"/\n/g' | grep DSCN | grep http | grep s0- > d; rm ~/Desktop/a b
7. Now download the pics in the file d
wget -c --input-file=d
8. If the download pauses, you need to type the command in step 7 only.

Have fun.

Added later:

shorter version:
cat a  | grep s0- | sed 's/"/\n/g' | grep http > b

Saturday, June 2, 2012

All beautiful things end in sadness, why?

Why do all beautiful things have to end in sadness?

Have you ever thought of it? I wonder from time to time. It was just this morning I was thinking about it in the shower and I realized the reason.

But first, let me tell you about one of my mathematics teachers in 10+2. His name was Deepak Niraula. Amazing character, funny, motivating. Almost everything a mathematics teacher never is. He used to give us a lot of problems to solve and used to recite his worn off line "The sum of sukha (happiness) and dukha (sadness) is constant, so if you solve these problems now, you'll be happy during exams."

Well that's the answer to the question we have. Because the sum of happiness and sadness is constant in various phases in life. And because the beautiful thing has already carried over happiness from the later part of the phase, it ends with the remaining part of the equation i.e. sadness. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Installing and setting up Fedora 16

Just installed Fedora 16. Its a tough thing to remember what all software I normally install, so I looked up a couple of sites. Some of the good ones are - This site forgot to mention that libdvdcss is not present in the rpmfusion This site is good for beginners.

But what surprised me the most was the Auto Plus +. It gives you a very simple interface to install codecs, software that are not in the repositories or require some typing in the terminal.