Monday, March 29, 2010

SDF - Super Dimension Fortress

SDF is a community network for teachers, students, visually and aural impaired. The network of computers combined giving 26.5 TeraFlops, not sure. It started as early as 1987 and it is maintained by its members. It is run by a not-for-profit organization.

It runs on NetBSD and provides UNIX shell for its members. It provides many softwares, games, bulletin boards, chatting platform, twitter access, etc.

It's actually fun to use. You get the feel of the old movies where a guy logs into some computer far far away and starts playing with it. Although trying to port scan and cracking against are against the terms of SDF. You still get to know a lot of other things.

SDF provides you a homepage, a gopher (never heard of it??), free irc on Sunday, pop mail also accessible by webmail. You can use pine, mutt for mails.

You have gcc, perl, python, etc installed.

All this for free.
If you want to use ftp you need to validate yourself by donating them $1. You can become a lifetime member for $36.

It's actually a great place to play and learn. Believe me when you don't have the luxury of a X windows or GUI, you start learning more commands and start enjoying it. You see that scripts make life so much easier. Plus no one understands what you are doing in a command shell (people just don't want to read the contents) so you look cool.

And if twitter is blocked in your organization, it is a great way to bypass the system. ;)

Links :

You can use it via the website or telnet or ssh.

I actually downloaded a SSH client for my mobile from here. Just 144KB. :)

If you find anything cool on it, let me know.