Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mobile Applications

Yeah I've been off for a long time.
I am at Infosys, Mysore under going training. Here are some mobile applications that I used.
1. Bolt Browser
2. BT File Manager
3. Dictionary v2.0
4. eBuddy
5. Gmail
6. Google Maps
7. ICICI Bank
8. LiteFTP
9. MobileNumberInfo
10. MobilePdfReader
11. MobileSmsLife
12. Opera Mini
13. Skype
14. Telenory
15. UCWEB 6.3
16. UtaIRC
17. YMTiny
18. Yong Reader

Bolt, Opera Mini and UCWEB are mobile web browser.
The new beta of Bolt has some great functions. You can install fonts, select and copy text from web pages. This is why I like it. It had some issues with navigation in the old version but the beta doesn't have that issue.

Opera Mini is a great browser. It supports several sites and it is perfect.

UCWEB is the ultimate browser. It comes with options like a full web browser. Multiple Tabs, Downloader, Copy text/image, File Explorer and many more. It beats Opera Mini and Bolt hollow.

Dictionary v2.0 and Telenory are actually same application. Both are dictionary only difference is the theme. ( I think one copied the other)

Gmail is the best application I think. Small size, multiple account support. Allows you to view docs, pdfs. Its great.

Google Map works great. Pinpoints your location if you have GPS else gives your location within 4000m. I was shocked to see it not working on my Samsung phone. It said some device missing. It would start but couldn't tell my location. Plus when I was in UP. In some places it showed that I was in Iceland and sometimes in Andhra Pradesh. Probably some towers have same name.

eBuddy is great for chatting multiple accounts. But if you need only yahoo chat then try YMLite. It is very small application and works great. But Airtel users may find it not working because Airtel has signed up with Yahoo for an offer for Rs10/week for mail and chat. If you start the Mobile Office (Rs.99/week or Rs.20/day) it works fine.

BTFileManager and LiteFTP are applications that allow you to connect to other device and copy, delete stuff from that device to your device and vice versa. It allows you to explore the other mobile device as if it were yours. LiteFTP has ads while BTFileManager is clean. But LiteFTP looks better.

ICICI Bank is ICICI banks application for mobile banking.

MobileNumberInfo takes mobile number as input and gives the operator details.

MobileSmsLife allows you to send 10 sms for free from mobile. (You need to sign up) The cost is gprs cost which is normally 30 paisa at maximum.

Yong Reader allows you to read doc and other formats but it is not perfect. Mobile Pdf Reader is for pdfs but it doesn't big files.

UtaIRC is Internet Relay Chat application. Its cool.

I haven't tried skype yet. I don't have anyone to call.