Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Deleting a fake facebook profile

What you need:
1. A color scanned copy of your passport showing your name, date of birth and photo. You can cover the passport number. Its better if the file is in jpg format. (Mandatory)

2. The link to the fake  profile. (Mandatory)

3. Screenshot of the profile. If you cannot see it, ask someone who can give it to you. (Optional)

Step 1:
Logout of your facebook account, if you have one. (If you are logged in, it asks you to report and block the profile but that doesn't seem to delete the profile.)

Step 2:
Log on to

Step 3:
To the question: "Do you have a facebook account?"
Click "No"

Step 4:
To the question: "What issue are you experiencing?"
Select "This person is pretending to be me or my friend"

Step 5:
To the question: "Is this account impersonating you?"
Select "Yes, I am the person being impersonated"

Step 6:
Provide the details like:
- Your Full Name (should be same as on your passport)
- Your contact email address
- Full name on the impostor profile (copy it from the info/about me from the profile)
- Email address listed on the impostor profile (if this is not visible, leave it blank)
- Link (URL) to the impostor profile (paste the link of the impostor account)
- Upload the color scanned copy of your passport.

Step 7:
Click "Send"

You will get a email from facebook. Reply to that email with the details present in the email like

Your name
Your address
Your phone number
Impostor accounts full name

Attach the screenshot of the impostor profile and your id proof.

Note: Its best if the screenshot and your id proof are in jpg format.

The mail reads that the account will be looked at in 72 hours. But I have noticed that the account gets deleted in less than 12 hours.

Once the account is disabled, you will receive a mail from facebook informing you about this.


  1. Hello,
    It is very interesting.
    I need your help. My friend has fake profiles on Facebook. She has Facebook. The problem is that Facebook takes two weeks or months to remove a fake profile.

    What if she denounces the fake profile when using the option that does not use Facebook?

    That is, She send your ID.
    Facebook can delete her personal account?

  2. Facebook will delete the fake account. The friend I tried this method had 3 fake accounts and 1 real account. Three requests were raised to delete those fake accounts. Only fake were deleted.