Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twincling Vijayawada Launched

Finally, open source enthusiasts in and around Vijayawada get a chance to show their enthusiasm and knowledge. Twincling Foundation has launched Twincling-Vijayawada.

We at the Twincling-Vijayawada have started planning on the movements on how to promote open source and to bring more enthusiasts forward, create new technologies that will place us on the global technical map.

Right now, we focus more on the students in the colleges, soon we will start towards schools and businesses. We want open source to be known by everyone.

Twincling Saturday Meet
Install fests
Setting up Linux labs in colleges
Installing games like CS, CZ, Fifa on Linux
Troubleshooting problems with AutoCAD on Linux
are some of our focuses.

Log on to http://vijayawada.twincling.org for more detail.

There are some great projects we are starting, we are looking for new members. If you have any type of questions regarding anything remotely related to open source, mail me: sandip AT twincling DOT org

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