Friday, November 21, 2008

Open Source Summit 2008

Here is the first set of updates on Open Source Summit 2008, packaged in a 40 sec presentation.

For the 2-day event, we have got exciting and insightful technical sessions planned on core technologies - BeleniX, KDE 4, LDTP, Git, Hadoop, Gentoo, OpenSuSe. Any guess who the speakers are ? There is a Birds of the same feather (BoF) session titled 'We the Geeks - How can we become No 1 in Open Source Infrastructure software ?"

On the second day we get - Intel Multicore programming workshop that focusses on openMP and TBB (thanks to Preethi and Mukesh). Folks, please start brushing up on C++, templates and pthreads. There is madHACK (mobile application development hackathon) too, in the later part of the day.

Your participation is important. Mark your calendar today !

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