Monday, October 27, 2008

Windows 7, how come??

Well a lot of talk going on about the Windows 7. Nothing new, unlike Google that simply puts up the beta puzzling everybody, Microsoft goes around shouting about what they will do. And then fail in doing that. We saw it with Vista.

Sad but true Vista was a big failure. Now the new Windows coming is Windows 7. But how come is it 7?? Microsoft thought us how to count. Lets see:

Windows 1, 2, 3.11 were not much, but was great, much innovative.
Windows struck the market with Windows 95. Windows 95 is named to be Windows 4
Then Windows 2000 is said to be the Windows 5
Windows Vista the sorrow of Microsoft is Windows 6
And then Windows 7

But I think Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft) forgot a few things : - Windows 98 and Windows XP?
They are the most popular Windows Versions and Ballmer doesn't name them. (Did you see the video of a man throwing eggs at Ballmer? Check it out)

Here is a tutorial on how to fix your Vista.

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